Zenith is a large single-player modification for Unreal Tournament that attempts to fall astray from the traditional cliches and typical style of average Unreal-based campaigns.


Main Character: Xero

Xero is a young UMS Lieutenant, just returning from a second expedition, wherein he fought against the Skaarj Empire's increasing encroachment upon human territory. As the second in command of a UMS Destroyer, he was ordered to navigate back to one of the primary UMS Space Stations. However, what originally seemed to be a black hole, whose existence had not been known, has on the contrary appeared to be somewhat of a wormhole. Waking up in a tempestuous daze in someone's home hundreds of years later, he wondered what had happened. The residents claim they found him unconscious on the street. However, these 'residents' are no ordinary citizens; they in fact aim to escape the giant underground metropolis...and Xero, having felt a spark in his mind, became motivated to investigate a simple question: why?

Major Characters


Voithos has always had a knack for technology, even as it has grown infinitely more complex within decades. After attending the university in Novaport City, (a Vector Corporation megacity), and with a top score, he was hired by Vector as a technology consultant and climbed the ranks for a few years before leaving the company. He made a concise decision to enter the International Army of the Federation (a military machine known to be controlled by Industry Corporation) where he realized that his superiors preferred to use him as a pawn rather than allow him to move up the ladder. One night, he called Nev, a friend he met while stationed at a mining base, and told him he wanted out. Of course Nev had just the plan for him.


Nev has fought in numerous wars under different banners --though mostly stellar city-states. After the third political dispute, he decided to abandon his position as captain of one of the platoons and begin his own work and business in the mining industry. However, Nev has always been a rebel, and it was not long before he felt the urge to escape the clutches of regular life. He devised a daring plan to escape the human territories for parts unknown. His home cities were overtaken by Vector Corporation, giving him an endless want for vindication and an acute dislike for Vector.


Ssylka was formerly a Skaarj Lord under the imperial hand of the Skaarj Emperor (after the death of his queen). After being called upon for service --something which cannot be declined, he was tasked with commanding a series fortresses near the renowned Bluff Eversmoking. For a while, everything was going by smoothly. However, word had spread of numerous disputes and infighting between imperial leaders. Simultaneously, the now Vector-controlled Unified MIlitary Services had successfully defeated a Skaarj stronghold in southern Na'Pali and had established military bases throughout the southern continent. One of his subordinates, a Skaarj officer, planned a coup in conjunction with the next defeat of a Skaarj city at the hands of Vector and Industry, which came quickly. Feeling betrayed, and seeing the Skaarj Empire near the point of collapse, Ssylka escaped the planet by sheer luck, having hijacked a Skaarj ship from another rebelling group. He met Nev in a mining colony, and the rest is history...