Frequently Asked Question

ZenithPlayer Properties & Gameplay

How do I order an ally?

You can give certain allies orders the same way you give UT bots orders. The default setting is V -> Orders.

What does Extra Health do?

The Extra Health property may initially seem to be the least beneficial of the five purchasable player properties. On the contrary it might just be the most beneficial. Not only does the Extra Health property give you a health maximum of your default health plus the set amount when beginning missions, you also receive an additional amount of health from Zenith health packs and Super Health packs. The former gives a total health amount of the default inventory amount plus the set amount of Extra Health. In the case of the latter, it gives you default inventory amount plus double the set amoun of ExtraHealth.

What does Extra Armor do?

The Extra Armor property, unlike inventory class armor, does not have depreciation from taking damage. Therefore, you will always receive a set amount of damage according to the initial amount of damage taken minus a percentage of it according to the set amount of Extra Armor. That is, Extra Armor takes off a certain percentage of damage in most cases.

What does Regen Rate do?

The Regeneration Rate property regenerates your health by the given amount every 10 seconds. The rule for this is that the player must have engaged in combat and must have been damaged in order for his health to regenerate. Typically the player cannot regenerate his health while in combat.

What does Extra Speed do?

The Extra Speed property adds an additional amount of speed to the player according to the set property. The player's total speed will therefore simply be the default speed plus the set amount of Extra Speed, without consideration towards percentage.

What does Extra Damage do?

The Extra Damage property works in a manner similar to the UDamage inventory item. The difference is that while UDamage typically gives twice the damage of the weapon in question, Extra Damage will take a percentage of the default damage of the weapon in question and add to the total damage.

Where can I find Artifacts and/or Currency?

Artifacts and Currency are located throughout all mission-type levels. They are usually hidden in plain sight or placed in areas that are difficult to find or come across.

What do I do with Artifacts and/or Currency?

Artifacts and Currency can be exchanged for money. The player must be in a Market Zone to exchange his items. There are only two Market Zones available in this version: the first is in Spark's house in The Labyrinthine Bastion (ZENITH Mission 3), though it only contains a Currency trader. The second is the Swindler's Asteroid, which can be ventured to by going to the panel in the second floor of the Cruiser Ship (Intermission Map). To trade Currency, one must approach the vending machine with the money bag icon. To trade Artifacts, one must approach the "We Buy Stuff" store in the Swindler's Asteroid.

My money and/or properties are always negative, what do I do?

This should only happen in the case of a player attempting to manually modify the Zenith initialization file. Delete your Zenith.ini in order to reset it. If you did not touch the Zenith.ini and have received negative values, please send a bug report, detailed in the Help page.

Zenith Package Usage

Can I use Zenith's packages in my own works?

You are generally allowed to use parts of the Zenith packages and system in your own works, with the exception of some packages. All of this allowed provided that you give credit to the parties in question. See Legal for more information.