Copyright Information

The following definitions apply in this agreement.

"User" means the party installing or running the ZENITH modification or using the works thereof.

The Unreal Tournament modification ZENITH is copyright © DigitalSerpent.

All archives, files, packages and works in ZENITH are limited to those specified in Mod Files.

All other works as specified under Credits are the works of their respective owners, which are detailed in the aforementioned section.

The user may NOT redistribute this modification either in part or in whole (with the exception specified under Credits) in electronic formats including, but not limited to: CD, DVD-R, et cetera. Nor may the user rebundle and redistribute this modification on any website without consent from the authors with the exception that he or she leave the installation files created by the owners of ZENITH intact and unaltered.s

The user may NOT commercially exploit this modificaiton in part or in whole.

The user may NOT use this modification as a base to build derivative works or any single work within this modification to build derivative works, including but not limited to those levels, textures, sounds, et cetera, specified in Mod Files.

The user MAY use the modification and system packages of the modification to support The userr own levels provided that The user comply with the exceptions and procedures detailed in the Usage section.

UnrealĀ® Tournament © 1999 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by
GT Interactive Software, Inc. under license. Unreal Tournament and the Unreal
Tournament logo are registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other
trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.


The user may use any of the packages specified under the Mod Files section with the exception of the following:

zenithAveg.u - The user may NOT rework, rebundle, redistribute this package, nor may the user build any works deriving from the content of this package without the permission of DEXSOFT Games or the purchase of a license thereof, specified here.

zenithCity2.utx and zenithMiscTech.MiscTech3.utx - The user may NOT rework, rebundle, redistribute the specified packages and package subgroups, nor may the user build any works deriving from the content of these packages and package subgroups without the permission of Remote Controlled Chaos, LLC. or the purchase of a license thereof, specified here.

The user may use the modification and system packages of the modification to build levels off of provided that he or she bundle the entire ZENITH system with his or her level, with the exception of those previously mentioned that the user is prohibited from reusing. The user may NOT modify the system or textures packages without consent from the authors. The user must also credit the necessary parties in question.


The following files and works packaged within ZENITH are the copyrighted property of their respective owners. These works are either under licenses which allow free use, distribution and/or modification or have express consent from the authors towards any user or the developers of ZENITH or are in common distribution within and without third party Unreal works. Any unspecified files or works that are not mentioned here are either mentioned in ZenithCredits.unr or Credits.txt within the ZENITH installation package. The following files and/or works are not claimed to be owned by the authors of ZENITH, (ordered in the format of the file or work name with the author specified afterwards by the dash notation):

zBlue (Carribean Blue), zClarity (Clarity), zDream (Dream of Na'Pali), zenithSevern (Severn City), zEyes (Breathing Eyes). zFreeFall (Free Fall), zGuru (Guru), zShell (The Shell), zArbiter (Arbiter Elegantarium) - are Copyright © Alexander Brandon.

zFarUnder (Far Under) - is Copyrighted © Michiel Van Den Bos.

zKoyAlt (Koyaanisqatsi Alternative) - is Copyrighted © Alex Rehfeldt.

taco and taco-NaliSorc - is Copyrighted © Chris Giardano.

UMS - is Copyrighted © Unframed Productions.

Wine, Whiskey - is Copyrighted © Jeff Martin.

Mod Files

The following files, as part of the ZENITH modification and individually are the works of the authors of ZENITH, or are licensed to the authors of ZENITH:

zCommando, xolscrap, ZSPScripts, goldenbox, zBriefing, PORSoundpk, LWPack1 as well as all files which begin with Zenith, including, but not limited to ZenithPk0, ZenithPk1, ZenithPk2, ZenithPk3, ZenithPk4, ZenithMod, and ZenithMisc.